15 Favorite Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

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A roundup of some of our favorite easy and make ahead Mother’s Day brunch ideas so you can treat your mom to a delicious home cooked meal on this special day.

A collage of brunch recipes.

If you struggle with gift giving like I do, and agonize over finding something perfect, you might want to consider the gift of a home cooked meal. A homemade Mother’s Day brunch, is a perfect way to show your love and gratitude!

If your mom is anything like mine, she loves to feed you every chance she gets, and has been doing that for as long as you can remember.

Well, I’d say it is about time we give back some of the love they have been showing us all our lives. Food is a love language, after all.

Brunch: The Perfect Meal for Entertaining

If you haven’t noticed, breakfast and brunch is something I am really invested in. I love that you have the option to make it sweet, savory or both! In this Mother’s Day brunch roundup, I’ve included something for everyone, no matter where you fall on that preference spectrum.

Brunch is also the ideal meal for entertaining, because so many items can be made, or at least prepped, in advance.

Sides can be as simple as roasted potatoes (or cheesy breakfast potatoes if you want to glam them up a bit), fruit salad, breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, muffins, toast, bacon, etc. All of which is easily made ahead.

It’s simple to make a colorful, abundant, family-style table with just a few brunch staples.

But I think my favorite part about entertaining for brunch as opposed to dinner is that there’s no cleaning up late at night, when you’re exhausted, and possibly a little drunk ;).

So make one dish or cook up a feast – delight your deserving mom with love, care, and her favorite foods. Oh, and don’t forget to clean up the kitchen afterward. Take charge and let her relax. The day is all about her, after all.

Whether you are bringing her breakfast in bed or surprising her with a brunch-ready table – your mom will appreciate the morning treat. So, here are my favorite easy Mother’s Day brunch ideas.

Sweet Brunch Ideas

1. Cinnamon Roll Muffins

cinnamon roll muffins lined on a tray.

Much easier and quicker than traditional yeasted cinnamon rolls, these cinnamon roll muffins have the best of both worlds. You’ll love these muffins filled with cinnamon-sugary goodness and done in less than half the time.

Cinnamon Roll Muffins
Tender, buttery cinnamon roll muffins are filled and topped with cinnamon and brown sugar and drizzled with a cream cheese glaze for an indulgent breakfast or snack.
Check out this recipe
A Cinnamon roll muffin sliced in half

2. Oat Flour Pancakes

No brunch feast can be complete without pancakes – and no it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. These gluten-free pancakes are so fluffy, tender, and just downright scrumptious. There is absolutely no reason for you to be NOT treating your mom with these. Yes, that’s it!

Fluffy Oat Flour Pancakes
These easy oat flour pancakes are tender and fluffy, and full of the goodness of whole oats.
Check out this recipe
A stack of oat flour pancakes with maple syrup and raspberries on a white plate

3. Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

Muffins lined on baking rack.

Moist and packed with banana flavor, these muffins are the one-bowl recipe you need for your brunch table.

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins
These quick and easy one bowl banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins are tender, hearty, moist, and packed with banana flavor!
Check out this recipe
Two muffins stacked on top of each other with the top one halved.

4. Healthy Raspberry Muffins

A bowl of muffins

Another one-bowl recipe that is refined sugar-free and made with olive oil and tangy yogurt – you just can’t go wrong with these. They’re packed with juicy raspberries and hearty oats.

Healthy Raspberry Muffins
These one bowl healthy raspberry muffins are hearty and packed with juicy raspberries.
Check out this recipe
Muffins stacked on a cooling rack

5. Apple Cinnamon Muffins

An apple cinnamon muffin on a cooling rack

Apple and Cinnamon is a match made in heaven and if your mom is not into raspberries and bananas as much as she is into apples, these one-bowl apple cinnamon muffins are going to be it for you.

One Bowl Apple Cinnamon Muffins
These apple cinnamon muffins are soft, moist, and packed with juicy apple pieces.
Check out this recipe
An apple cinnamon muffin on a cooling rack

6. Nutella Baked French Toast Casserole

Nutella French toast casserole overhead view

This is a great make-ahead brunch dish idea for your Mother’s Day feast. All the prep is done the night before, and all you need is 5 ingredients and a mom who loves a good indulgent brunch dish. This one is also great if you have kids at the table.

Nutella Baked French Toast Casserole
This baked french toast recipe with Nutella is a SUPER easy, delicious, and kid-friendly brunch casserole.
Check out this recipe
A plate of rolled nutella French toast garnished with fresh strawberries, with one roll sliced open to show the inside.

7. Rhubarb Coffee Cake

A piece of rhubarb coffee cake with streusel in a decorative plate

Impress your mom with this super easy rhubarb coffee cake with the most delicious crunchy topping. It’s simple to prepare and highlights the bright, tangy flavor of fresh rhubarb.

Rhubarb Coffee Cake
This rhubarb coffee cake, with a sweet and crunchy streusel topping, comes together easily in mere minutes.
Check out this recipe
A piece of rhubarb coffee cake with streusel in a decorative plate

8. Cherry Muffins with Coconut Streusel

A cherry muffin split in half with a wooden bowl of muffins in the background

A sweet coconut topping and bright juicy bursts of cherry – these muffins are going to take your mom’s tastebuds on a swing and she is definitely going to be asking you for the recipe.

Cherry Muffins with Coconut Streusel
These cherry muffins are a perfect brunch treat or breakfast on the go.
Check out this recipe
Sour cherry muffins with coconut streusel piled into a wooden bowl

9. Ricotta Pancakes with Creamy Orange Syrup

A stack of ricotta pancakes on a plate

The perfect partner for your mom’s favorite eggs and bacon, this is one delectable pancake recipe. And the creamy orange syrup takes it over the top.

Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Syrup
These delectable ricotta pancakes are paired with a simple creamy orange syrup for an easy but impressive breakfast or brunch treat. 
Check out this recipe
A stack of pancakes with a pat of melted butter on top and a pitcher of orange syrup in the background.

10. The Best Banana Pecan Muffins

These favorite banana pecan muffins are perfectly moist and packed with banana flavor.

Treat your mom to the best banana pecan muffins in the world. This is one of our favorite family recipes.

Banana Pecan Muffins
These favorite banana pecan muffins are perfectly moist and packed with banana flavor.
Check out this recipe
A banana pecan muffin, cut in half to show the inside, sitting on top of a muffin liner.

Savory Brunch Ideas

11. Croque Monsieur

Closeup of a croque monsieur sandwich sliced in half and served on a plate with a gherkin pickle.

Starting off the savory brunch recommendations with this French sandwich made with ham, bechamel, and Gruyere cheese. It is a great way to use that leftover Easter ham sitting in your freezer!

Croque Monsieur
Croque monsieur is a French sandwich made with ham, smothered in creamy béchamel and nutty Gruyère, and broiled till crispy and golden.
Check out this recipe
Closeup of a croque monsieur sandwich sliced in half and served on a plate with a gherkin pickle.

12. Grilled Halloumi and Strawberry Salad

Grilled halloumi and strawberry salad in a wooden bowl

Fire up the grill and make this simple and beautiful grilled halloumi and strawberry salad served with baguette croutons and drizzled with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. This salad inaugurates grilling season for us every year and is perfect for a light brunch!

Grilled Halloumi and Strawberry Salad
Served with grilled bread and a glass of crisp white wine, this salad is quick and simple summer dining at its finest!
Check out this recipe
Grilled halloumi and strawberry salad in a wooden bowl

13. Baked Eggs in Purgatory with Garlic Bread

Eggs in purgatory in a bowl

This classic Italian dish deserves a spot on your special Mother’s Day brunch table. It is perfectly delicious, easy, and so quick to make, and one of the best ways to serve eggs.

Baked Eggs in Purgatory with Garlic Bread
This version of Eggs in Purgatory is baked and served with crusty garlic bread for a super-quick, super-easy weeknight meal.
Check out this recipe
Baked eggs in purgatory in a bowl with a piece of garlic bread

14. Spring Leek and Bacon Quiche

Leek and bacon quiche on a plate.

Quiche sounds complicated but it’s actually really simple and I have the perfect easy homemade buttery crust recipe for you. This is going to be your springtime party showstopper, no lies.

Bacon and Leek Quiche
This easy spring quiche with leeks and bacon is a family favorite, and is perfect for any meal from breakfast to dinner.
a slice of bacon and leek quiche with a dish of quiche and coffee mug in the background

15. Easy Frittata with Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes

Overhead view of slice of easy fritatta recipe on a plate with salad

Sun-dried tomatoes, tangy goat cheese, and fresh basil give this healthy egg dish wonderful flavor. This frittata is easy and quick to make, and so satisfying.

Easy Frittata Recipe with Goat Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes
This easy frittata recipe is made with tangy goat cheese, sweet sun-dried tomatoes and basil.
Check out this recipe
closeup of a slice of goat cheese frittata on a plate

I hope you found some inspiration in these easy Mother’s Day brunch ideas. Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy xx

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