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Our Happy Mess focuses on simple, family-friendly recipes that are often healthy and/or vegetarian, and sometimes indulgent. We believe in balance and enjoying life and food to the fullest!

Although we strive to maintain an honest and authentic presence, and don’t promote many brands or products as a rule, we are open to collaborating with brands that we use regularly and that fit well with our content!

For collaborations, please email me directly at

Use of images/recipes/content

Although images that appear on this site are my own and are copyrighted, I have no problem if you’d like to use an image from a post in a roundup for instance, with a link back to my blog post for the recipe! There is no need to ask permission for this.

If you would like to re-create one of my recipes on your own blog, with your own images and text in your own words, that is also totally fine! Recipes are meant to be shared. Again though, please include a link back to my post.

However, please do not re-post my full recipes on any platform.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to email me at