udon stir fry

Ingredients List Udon Noodles Soy sauce Vegetable broth Rice vinegar Sesame oil Vegetable/Canola oil Ginger + Garlic Carrots  Mushrooms Green onions Toy Choy/ Baby Bok Choy

Let's make this quick and easy udon stir fry! 

Combine soy sauce, vegetable broth, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and chilli oil.

Stir fry some ginger garlic, add your veggies in it one by one and stir fry until almost tender.

Add something green - toy choy, baby bok choy, or broccoli.

Now toss in your udon noodles and the stir fry sauce, and cook until the sauce thickens up.

Easy, health, and scrumptious udon stir fry is ready to serve.

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