Vegan Tofu Wraps

Ingredients List Extra Firm Tofu Tamari or Soy Sauce Nutritional Yeast Garlic Powder Tortillas Vegan Mayonnaise Avocado Tomato Lettuce Red Onions

These easy and healthy tofu wraps are completely vegan and super versatile. Let's start!

Drain the tofu and cut it into 8 half-inch sticks.

Dip the tofu sticks in Tamari or soy sauce.

Mix nutritional yeast, garlic powder, salt & pepper in a separate bowl and coat the tofu in it.

Fry the coated tofu sticks in a little oil till they are golden brown on each side.

Spread some mayo on the tortillas and stack all the vegetables and tofu on it.

Wrap it up and your easy, healthy, and yummy Vegan tofu wraps are ready!

Ann believes in balanced eating, homemade foods, and DESSERT. She loves to cook but doesn't love to spend all day in the kitchen - so explore her quick, simple, family friendly recipes for the best meal fix!

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