Summer Rolls with Tofu

The perfect appetizer or summer lunch - these delicious Tofu summer rolls!

In a bowl, mix together soy sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha and sugar. Add your cooled rice noodles and mix.

Now cut up your tofu, dip it in soy sauce, cornstarch - and fry it up in some oil to make it delicious and crispy.

Now assemble! Some tips: Lightly oil your board first. Don't soak your rice paper wrapper for longer than 10 seconds!

Your tofu summer rolls are ready to be devoured with a delicious peanut sauce! Enjoy.

Ann believes in balanced eating, homemade foods, and DESSERT. She loves to cook but doesn't love to spend all day in the kitchen - so explore her quick, simple, family friendly recipes for the best meal fix!

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