Kale Pomegranate Salad

Let's make this easy and delicious kale pomegranate salad - the perfect side for your Christmas dinner table!

Start by making the dressing! Whisk together shallots, lemon juice, and pomegranate molasses in a small bowl.

Now slowly whisk in some olive oil till it is emulsified and season with salt and black pepper.

Prep the kale by removing the stems from it and tearing it into bite-sized pieces.

Transfer the kale leaves to a big bowl and massage it for about 30 seconds. Now drizzle the dressing over the leaves and toss.

Top the leaves with toasted pecans, feta cheese, and pomegranate seeds.

Enjoy the kale pomegranate salad on its own or with your favorite main!

Ann believes in balanced eating, homemade foods, and DESSERT. She loves to cook but doesn't love to spend all day in the kitchen - so explore her quick, simple, family friendly recipes for the best meal fix!

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